Punchy has delivered seminars on the topics below and can offer a seminar on just about any derby topic you'd like. Seminars usually last from 1-2 hours, though some topics require more time, depending on the depth of discussion.

  • Being a Team Player
  • Branding + Marketing Your League
  • Coaching with Compassion and Getting Results
  • Confronting the Ims and Phobias and Violence in your League: Racism, Sexism, Transphobia, and Sexual Violence 
  • Derby 101: Coaching Fresh Meat
  • Designing an Efficient Derby Practice
  • Designing an Annual Training Curriculum
  • Developing Your Mental Game
  • Giving Feedback
  • Goal-Based Game Strategies
  • Setting Individual Goals + Succeeding
  • Team Goals and Building Team Unity
  • Transitioning from "Street" to "Athlete"