Team and League Coaching

Connect and improve your team and league by creating specific goals and concentrated plans. 

League/Team Online Coaching Package

Through observation and discussion, I will diagnose areas for improvement. I focuse on all aspects of the team or league: skating skills, plays and strategies, rosters and lineups, practice schedules, group dynamics, goal-planning, and leadership. I work with your team or league to analyze group weaknesses and make them strengths. I can travel to spend time with your team or league, or work with you online, or both. Choose the three-month or six-month option, in which I will write all your practice itineraries and guide you through your coaching of them. This is an excellent option for new coaches who are looking for a mentor or just some guidance in developing their training curriculum. Either way, I will help you through all the challenges of training. 


  • Pre-training consultation
  • Written analysis of game footage
  • Written analysis of decision-making, group ethos, and goals
  • Development of detailed team or league goal plan
  • Unlimited email communication during coaching period
  • Scheduled in-person/phone/Skype sessions to discuss progress
  • Consistent feedback meant to challenge and inspire


  • Three-Month Online Coaching Package: $500
  • Six-Month Online Coaching Package: $800

A La Carte Pricing

  • 30-Minute Game Footage Analysis: $25
  • 60-Minute Game Footage Analysis: $50
  • Detailed, Themed Practice Itinerary: $30
  • Problem-Solving Analysis: $75-150
  • *Two Hours of On-Skates Training or Lecture: $150 + Travel Fees
  • *Four-Hour Derby Camp: $300 + Travel Fees
  • *Six-Hour Derby Camp*: $450 + Travel Fees
  • *Eight-Hour Derby Camp: $600 + Travel Fees

*All A La Carte training sessions include game footage analysis and unlimited communication, pre- and post-session.

What Coaches Have Said About The Online Coaching Package:


Words cannot express what Punchy’s Detailed Six-Month Training Curriculum did for me personally and for our league.  We were a group of women that had never played roller derby but now have a scrimmage eligible team within 6 months. Punchy first took the time to talk to us and learn what it was our league needed before developing our curriculum. Her detailed practice itineraries gave us the information we needed to safely learn to play derby from the very beginning. Punchy’s personal guidance and encouragement not only made it possible for me to train skater skills I had never learned myself, but also made me believe and know that I could do it. And her advice was always spot on. It was amazing to get her feedback each week from our videos on our progress and where we needed to improve both in skating and training. Punchy gave an incredible amount of time, energy and knowledge to our league and I will forever be grateful. I sincerely admire Punchy as she is truly an inspiration in my life both on and off the track. - Scandalous Scorpio, Androscoggin Fallen Angels   

I started coaching roller derby with zero experience. We did the 6 month online package and haven't stopped moving forward. We have been steadily moving up in WFTDA ranking. Punchy taught me the skills to help run a successful league. She built our training plans and got us on track. The structure she uses has helped my training committee develop effective practice plans. We are stronger than ever. - Punch E. McBeardfist, Chemical Valley Rollergirls, West Virginia Allstars

What Skaters Participating in Online Coaching Have Said

As a developing league, we utilized Punchy’s curriculum to train and successfully develop our first scrimmage eligible team of skaters, all of whom were new to the sport. The training was implemented with a multi-faceted approach, ensuring that the coaches were well-supported in their role; whereby, feedback was provided in a manner that highlighted achievements, as well as addressed areas in need of development. As a skater, the program allowed me to focus on the development of fundamentals, which were imperative to subsequent skill-building. I have a sincere amount of respect for Punchy as a coach, as well as a player who leads by example on the track; with her experience in both of these roles, she truly is a subject-matter expert of this awesome sport. I believe that any player or coach, who has the opportunity to implement her program, will be fundamentally-grounded and a more successful player or coach as a result. I extend my sincerest and deepest gratitude, as her program has assisted in building our team, our league, and I, as a player; directly due to the combined efforts of Punchy and our coaches, my team and I are preparing for our first bout! - Saint Hooligan of Androscoggin Fallen Angels

When I started Punchy's program I truly wondered if it would be possible for me to even just skate backward. Having just completed the fresh meat program I now feel confident not only that I have the basic skills needed to play this sport, I feel like I have be taught how to continue learning and improving myself as an athlete. Each practice covers small incremental steps with introductions to new skills, and every practice I saw and felt improvements in my skating and skills. This program should be standard to any league. Thank you Punchy O'Guts! - Seitanic Beast of Androscoggin Fallen Angels