Good is the Enemy of Great.

Great derby athletes hone their bodies and minds to be derby machines. Expose your weaknesses and make them strengths. 

Individual Coaching Package

There are many options for individual coaching and finding what works best for your personality and lifestyle are crucial in order for you to be successful! Whether we are working together for one session or for months, we will first discuss your goals and challenges, both physical and mental. Through visual observation and discussion, I will diagnose areas for improvement in your technique, performance, and thought processes and develop practices and a goal plan specifically tailored to your lifestyle. Goal plans are condensed and streamlined, so you get the most out of your training in as little time possible. Individual coaching is offered in-person and online. Whatever it takes to make you the best you! 

Coaching Includes:

  • Pre-training consultation

  • Development of detailed personal goal plan

  • On-skates training

  • Unlimited email communication during coaching period

  • Scheduled in-person/phone/video chat sessions

  • Consistent feedback meant to challenge and inspire

Sliding Scale Pricing

  • Hourly On-skates Coaching: $25-75

  • Three-Month Goal Plan: $50-150

  • Six-Month Goal Plan: $150-300

  • Three Month Online Skater Package: $250-500

  • Six Month Online Skater Package: $500-750

  • 30-Minute Practice/Game Footage Analysis: $25-50