The Business of Roller Derby Ebook Series

by Punchy O'Guts

The Business of Roller Derby is an ebook series about the behind-the-scenes of the skater-owned and -operated sport. Topics include Developing An Efficient Training Committee, Choosing a Team Structure, and Setting + Achieving Individual Goals, with more in the works!


Developing An Efficient Training Committee

This ebook offers just about everything a trainer or coach needs to know about managing a training committee! You'll learn about the importance of creating a training mission and defining the committee's duties and roles (includes committee job descriptions). The best training practices and common issues section includes information about how to create and lead a practice, how to train a group of skaters with varied skill levels, how to deliver feedback, and more. There is also a section with sample documents for creating an annual curriculum, a practice itinerary, an annual budget, and team attributes. Don't waste your time reinventing the wheel! Build from this foundation! Buy the ebook here!

Choosing a Team Structure

Choosing a team structure for your league is a difficult process, and many leagues experience the growing pains of trying out several team structures. This ebook makes your choice easier by providing detailed information about various team structures used by roller derby leagues, a list of captain/coach responsibilities, an all-star team try-out sample, and a list of all-star, B-Team, and C-Team skater qualities. Buy the ebook here!



Setting + Achieving Individual Goals

Goal-setting bridges the future (how awesome we want to be at derby) into the present (holy crap - I'm becoming awesome!). Aside from getting better at a skill, developing a solid goal plan will help you clarify your expectations, realistically evaluate your performance, and develop self-discipline. Who doesn't want that?

This ebook will show you how to choose a training goal and deadline and how to create a detailed goal plan of success! It offers tips for how to stay on track and deal with setbacks and includes a sample three-month goal plan for improving speed control. Buy the ebook here!