About 4EYES Coaching + Publications

4EYES Coaching + Publications was created by an explosive passion for roller derby. Owned by Punchy O'Guts, the mission is to share the inspirational culture of derby through coaching and publications.

About Punchy


Punchy O’Guts is a mother, writer, skater, and derby coach who skates with Rat City Rollergirls in Seattle, WA and is sponsored by Roller Derby Elite. She started her derby career with Maine Roller Derby in 2006. One of the league’s pioneers, she skated competitively on the WFTDA-sanctioned all-star team (The Port Authorities), and has worked just about every position imaginable: bout production, marketing, interleague liaison, sponsorship, webmaster, WFTDA rep, all-star team captain, and a member of the board of directors. Her absolute most beloved job, however, was serving as the training coordinator in which she believed in creating a culture of learning and positivity: when skaters are excited to learn and feel good about themselves, an atmosphere of inspiration erupts, and we all go home with our hearts exploding with derby love. Throughout her derby career, she has skated for and coached Resurgam Roller Derby 2014-16 and skated on the Fog City Rollers' WFTDA all-star team in 2014.

As a coach, she travels to leagues to guest coach and openly helps leagues and skaters with questions about skills, rules, running a derby league, or whatever the present issue might be. She's dedicated to the growth of the sport of roller derby and passionately offers her expertise and knowledge to anyone who needs it. 

Punchy earned a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts at Penn State University and an MFA in Creative Writing at the Stonecoast program at the University of Southern Maine. She grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania and moved to Portland, Maine in 2004 to pursue a career in journalism. Punchy wrote as a professional journalist for more than five years for the Portland PhoenixMaine Switch, and Portland Press Herald and taught English and Literature at the Maine College of Art and Southern Maine Community College. Currently, she coaches, writes, and works as an educator in Seattle, WA. 





Roller Derby Elite Sponsorship 2015-present

MVP : Port Authorities vs Boston Massacre 6/16/12

MVP : Port Authorities vs Atlanta Rollergirls 2/18/12

Wicked Smaht Skater 2011 (MRD Skater Award)

Highest +/- as Pivot: 354 (2011 stats award)

Most Shutouts: 192 (2011 stats award)

Most Shutouts as Pivot: 123 (2011 stats award)

Most Shutouts in a Bout: 21 (2011 stats award)

MVP: Thanks for Giving Charity Bout Nov 2011 (intra-league)

WFTDA Skater of the Month June 2011

Most Shutouts in Wicked vs Good III (2010 stats award) 

Hardest Hits 2010 (MRD Skater Award)

Most Feared 2010 (MRD Skater Award)

MVP : Port Authorities vs CT Stepford Sabotage 8/28/10

MVP : Port Authorities vs BDD's Wicked Pissah's 8/14/10

MVP : Port Authorities vs Harrisburg 4/25/10

MVP : Calamity Janes vs Rochester 9/26/09

MVP : Port Authorities vs Philly Liberty Belles 6/13/09

MVP : Port Authorities vs Charm City 3/22/09

MVP : Wicked vs Good Intra-league bout 10/11/08

Hardest Hits 2008 (MRD Skater Award)

Most Feared 2008 (MRD Skater Award)

MRD Skater of the Month Sept 2007