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Updated and combined edition of Fresh Meat 101 and Scrimmage 101!

EveryGirl's Guide to Roller Derby 

EveryGirl's Guide to Roller Derby is a pithy guidebook about the culture of roller derby, which is meant to celebrate the resurgence of the sport of roller derby, an era when thousands of women united to recreate a sport.

Roller Derby 101: The Fresh Meat Training Manual


Roller Derby 101: The Fresh Meat Training Manual is a coach's step-by-step guide for teaching new skaters the skills to play roller derby. The manual covers all the training prior to Scrimmage 101. And Like Scrimmage 101, it includes detailed practice itineraries, a drill index, and assessment templates. 


Scrimmage 101: How to Teach the Game of Roller Derby


Created for roller derby trainers and coaches, Scrimmage 101  is a nine-class program dedicated to teaching Fresh Meat how to play roller derby. Theme-based classes progressively build throughout the program with focus on pack awareness, teamwork, and basic and intermediate game strategy. Drills and scrimmage are intensity-controlled to foster a supportive environment in which Fresh Meat skaters feel successful while learning the skills and knowledge needed for the fast-paced game of roller derby.